I have been a proud member of the Director's Guild of America, (D.G.A) since 2013.

My roots are in film production, having made over 30 short films, commercials, music videos and web series collectively - working as a writer, director and producer.

My short films 'Dada Ji' and 'Bollywood Invasion' have won awards and screened at festivals worldwide, including the Los Angeles Shorts Fest, Indian Film Festival of Stuttgart Germany, and Comic-Con International Film Festival.

Web based work includes directing Season 2 of the award winning web series 'Game Night,' starring Ashwin Gore and Sarah Zurell, an original comedy series about 4 dysfunctional friends and their quirky lives as told over their weekly game night.

Most recently, I directed and produced over 50 videos for the Learn Bhangra App, currently available on iOS and Android, which is the first of it's kind to teach users how to dance the popular Indian dance of Bhangra, step by step, where they can then test their moves by following along with the heart pumping workouts.

Shaan Dasani, Lavesh Pritmani, bhangra, learn bhangra, dance app
Anand Desai-Barochia, Amna Mazin, Niraj Mehta, Teria Morada, Shaan Dasani, Bollywood Invasion, dance movie, chapman university
Shaan Dasani, Kumar Pallana, Dada Ji, Chapman University
Shaan Dasani, Ashwin Gore, Sarah Zurell, Game Night, Morgan Roy, Rajan Velu
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